Monday, 9 March 2015

Home Energy - Footpaths challenge - Getting to know your home - Checking for draughts

It has been now more than two years that I am living in my home. I cannot claim I know my house very well in order to do all the energy saving changes. Thanks to Footpaths manual, there is a checklist to help in getting to know a home. It encouraged me to do some searches.

A number of energy saving changes were done before we got in the house

  • the 300mm of loft insulation
  • cavity walls filled
  • double glazed windows
  • the hot water tanks and pipes were lagged
We came in the house with good habits such as ensuring that the appliances and gadgets are not on standby and assets - all our lights are energy savings light bulbs. Nevertheless, there are still few things that are ought to be looked into more closely:
  • draught strips around windows and doors
  • heating controls programmed
  • thermostatic valves on radiators
Let start with ensuring that the house is draught-free!

With my beautiful little hand, I went all around the house checking if there were any drafts. I found one.
Under my front door. I now understand why the corridor is always very cold. So what options do I have to fix this little issue from the least expensive to more expensive options
- Do Nothing
- Make with reclaimed material a door draught excluder (see pic)
- Change the door sweeps
- Change the front door
Easy busy!

I have to choose one of those options. I might start with a door draught excluder!

What about you?

Did you check for any drafts in your house?
What did you do about it?

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